Choose to Win!

Weight Loss Challenge


Ready to lose weight and win money? We are giving away $1,000 to the participant that loses the highest body weight percentage for fall!

At, we aren’t just here to run weight loss challenges.

It’s very important for you to be open to change. This transition can lead you to the growth needed for the full realization of your potential. Don’t settle for comfort that often makes you unhappy . Reinvent yourself to take your body and health to the next level. By shifting your focus, you implement your body and mind to shift into a more positive healthier version of you.

Jump up and down because we are going to motivate you!
We are simply a tool to encourage you to lose weight.

No more excuses! This is about allowing your potential to to unravel. Join us for a magnificent journey towards a brand new you! You will learn along the way that you have more than the power to change. The key to unlock your body potential can be found here. Making things a reality is simpler than you think. Patience and ambition is your mission and ours is to inspire to you. A vision of a new you can be used to change your life today. Open yourself to this experience and create the results you want. Be in sink with your desire to change. We want you to know that you can work towards the change you desire. It’s all a matter of choice.

People are losing more weight by taking action

It’s not enough to talk, think or even hope to lose weight. Create the step now that helps you take action. One single action can set off events to create the lifestyle change that you desire. We want to challenge you to have a new perspective. Allow yourself to nurture your body. What are you willing to do to not be tired, hurting, lethargic, overweight, unable to fit in clothes. By joining you have shown that you are committed to yourself and that any doubt fear or reality that might get in your way will be devoured by the devotion you have set forth in your life. Let’s put in motion a direction that leads you on a path of creating a trimmer new you. Changes take place inside before the outside. The art of loving yourself, nurturing and healing your body can put a sparkle in your eye and a kick in your step.

Action is the only way that you put things in motion.

Don’t let simple mishaps put a brake on your success. Impatience can be your worst enemy. We want you to trust in yourself. The actions you take in your life are those things that are most responsible for the results that you receive. Play the role of the lifestyle you desire. Put your foot forward and imagine what you can accomplish in a short amount of time. Fuel the fire to trim and win by making the choice now.


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